I don’t know why  I am the one  that keeps finding the   b o d i e s  but maybe if I just stopped trying to fight it, I’d find them before it happens.

rare among their k i n d.

Maybe o k a y will be our always


Deputy Parrish just being sexy


Amy in Faking It season 2 promo 

I think nothing ever ends on Disney Channel. They keep playing it.

Fifty Shades of Grey: inspired by (x)

Three things cannot long be  h i d d e n . The sun, the moon and the truth.

 Polite, i n t e n s e, smart and intimidading.

Mr. Grey will see you now!


Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer

"I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele.
- It must be very boring.”


Lydia trying to get something useful out of Meredith.